The Beach

We decided we would like to visit a beach, here in Taiwan, although none came very well recommended. I decided to try and find someplace nice to go for Dave’s big birthday back in May. After visiting a travel agents where everything was on line (I didn’t like it as they had no maps to show me where we were going) I was able to book us three days and two nights at Kenting beach right on the southern tip of Taiwan and the only truly tropical part of the island (even then it only just makes it).
We booked to stay in a four or five star hotel, The Howard, and travel down by the new High Speed Train. This was an exciting event as I had never been on a fast train before. It was a great ride, very fast and smooth, no clickety click. We arrived in Kaohsuing in two hours, this normally takes about five hours to drive if the roads are clear. However it was only 3/4 of the way to our destination (the high speed train only goes so far down the island), the rest of the journey took 3 hours on a coach!!!!!

Unfortunately the weather turned wet and rained most of the day we travelled down. The hotel was OK but not the greatest, it was a huge resort type place catering mainly for Taiwanese families.
We found the beach, a tiny expanse of sand and lagoon area shared by boats as well as swimmers and snorkelers.

Inside our coach on the train.

Me on the beach, yes it was freezing!

These birds were sheltering from the rain on our balcony overlooking the pool and beach

In spite of the rain we braved the water which was warmish, actually warmer than the air.
I am afraid we have been completely spoilt by the wonderful beaches and warm sea around Thailand.
Anyway we went in the sea everyday we where in Kenting and enjoyed it, nothing like sea bathing, it really does make you feel better. Dave even manged to do a bit of snorkeling.
The night life was a bit strange, the hotel bar didn’t have white wine (more on this later) so we went into the town, the first night we were driven down by a Christian Soldier( he was dressed in army gear) as it was pouring with rain. We found a few bars, none with white wine, and eventually ate in an Italian restaurant which had good food and white wine. I have since been told never to go away here without a cool box with a supply of white wine!
Once the rain stopped all these shops opened up on the street, selling beach like trinkets, also small games stalls set up; it reminded me a little of how I would imagine Blackpool would have been when it first started out as the Mecca of seedy seaside resorts.
We travelled home on Dave’s birthday which i think he found a bit of an anti climax so I made up for it the next day.
All in all a bit of a disappointment. But we plan on trying again by going to one of the off shore islands.






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