Green Island with the Freers

We spent 3 days at Green Island, off the SE coast of TW in the Pacific, about 40 minute ferry ride from the port on TW Island.
Upon arrival at Green Island the first order of the day was, of course, drinky poo’s.

There were some interesting things around the small island, the rocks above are famous there as the pekinese dog and sleeping beauty – can you see it?
The water was fabulous with clarity better than I’v seen in years – 30 feet no problem. The issue was getting into the water as the whole island is one big volcanic burp so it’s lava rock everywhere, as you can see from below. The trick was to rent a pair of scuba shoes to walk over the rough stuff until out deep enough to swim.

Part of the package for the hotel room included the usual TW transportation of a motor scooter. That’s Joanne and Paul there doing the “hog” thing.






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