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I forgot to mention that we won the grand prize in the raffle at the Canada Day celebrations; it was a free ticket to Canada from Hong Kong or Japan to be used in the next year. We managed to get it changed so Christina can use it when she comes to Japan. Great present!

Early in July Joanne and Paul, old neighbours from Brampton and good friends, arrived in Taipei for a 15 day vacation. Before their arrival we had been worried about what we could do/show them in Taiwan, we need not have worried, a great time was had by all.
This is Bao an Temple begun in 1805 it took 25 years to complete with all the materials and artisans brought over from mainland China. The main deity is Baosheng Dadi, the God of Medicine, a real life person from the Song Dynasty. It is a Taoist temple
From a visit to the Grand hotel, to the spectacular Taroko Gorge w/e we had a fabulous time not least because J and P are such good company, we laughed until we cried many times and have some great memories.

This shows the lighthouse and one of the beaches on Lyudao or Green Island. Although now it is a wonderful place to visit it has a notorious past as a place of imprisonment torture and execution during the country’s “White Terror” period (1947/87)

Joanne and Paul at a place in Taroko National Park which is home to one of the worlds most amazing and narrow river gorges, it stretches for 20km and has walls of marble overshadowing the Liwu river.

Me being very brave on one of the suspension bridge crossings on a hiking trail in the Gorge






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