Today we have been confined to the apartment, well we have just been out but most of the day we stayed put. I was expecting to go to Mahjong this afternoon but because Typhoon Wipha is coming near Taiwan the Govt. declared a work stand down day so govt. offices and schools etc. are closed. Dave was actually in town so he spent the day working from home and Mahjong was cancelled.
Having just been out in the “storm” as it has now officially been called, as apposed to tropical storm or typhoon I can see that it isn’t too bad. It is torrential rain, very windy but in gusts which isn’t‘ good for umbrellas, it is warm and “muggy”. However on the 17th floor is sounds like the sound track for a production of Macbeth or the storm scene from King Lear and all the windows rattle and whistle at times. Oh well I guess we have been lucky as their have been 12 typhoons in the region this season and so far we haven’t experienced any of them. I think Taiwan was only affected by one other and that was in the south of the island while we were in UK in August.

I am hoping tomorrow things will be back to normal.






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