UK visit

Dave and I went for a flying visit to UK in August. Dave wanted to go check on the house and also see a UK Dr. about his health so I thought i would take the opportunity to go and see my Mum.
We spent a week in Reading during which time I was able to get stuck into the gardening. I think you know we have a large garden which is looked after in our absence by a property management co. They manage to cut the grass and keep the hedges in trim but a lot of the bushes and shrubs were looking very overgrown especially with all the rain England had over the summer. I enjoyed very much getting my hands dirty again, since we have moved to Taiwan I do no even have a balcony garden as the balcony in the apartment is really not conducive to growing plants on.
We were also able to meet up with Jan and Bernie , who visited us many times in Bangkok. Bernie was retuning from Saudi on the Saturday after we arrived thus Jan came by train from Tiverton and we had a reunion. They bought a house near Bernie’s sister and Jan has gone back to work with the police after a 5 year career break.
After 6 days Dave returned to Taiwan and I went up to visit my Mum who is doing much better since they sorted out the medication for her Atrial Fibrillation. We went out for a few days, met with Helen for lunch and shopping, (got mum some clothes that fit as she has lost weight), sorted out some “stuff” and had a nice family meal out. I was also able to spend a day with Bernadette and her grandson Jack and son David, we went for a day out. Jack is such a great kid, he was 21 months while I was over, he isn’t really talking so you can understand words but he is verbal and seems very happy.
On my way back to Taiwan I had a 5 day stopover in Bangkok. Always my favourite place to go. I met Dave there who was on his way to China, and was also able to meet some old friends. I was in time to take part in a final farewell lunch for Elaine who is now back in Ottawa presumably getting settled back into her house and preparing to return to work. Also met with a couple of other friends who are still living in Bangkok and visited the library at the museum where I used to work. i was able to enjoy a boat ride on the Chao Phraya river while watching; the great huge barges, almost submerged with their load of sand or rice or stones or what ever, being towed slowly by the tiny tugs chugging along in the bright sunlight, the majestic Prang of Wat Arun (The Temple of Dawn) slide modestly by, the rickety, almost collapsing (for at least 3 years now), wooden extensions to houses that cling to parts of the rivers bank, contrasting with the tall gleaming towers of new hotels and apartment blocks. The noises assault the ears with piercing whistles used to direct the boat into and out of the stopping places as we travel up or down the river, high throbbing notes from the engines of the “long Tailed” boats which ply up and down with tourists who have hired these long low slung flimsy but fast boats for a few hours sightseeing trip.
Bangkok! Did I mention I love it?






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