don’t use bleach to whiten your teeth

I don’t know if this method will work quite as effectively, but I think it’s worth a shot: Whiten your teeth with strawberries. Especially considering that when I attempted to whiten them with bleach (using a specially created tooth rack as well), I ended up taking ibuprofen all day every day, losing my appetite almost completely, and finding that even just the thought of food made my teeth throb in pain. The brochure I’d been given said may cause minor sensitivity in some cases. Yeah, right.

I’ll try the strawberries and baking soda and get back to you.






3 Responses to “don’t use bleach to whiten your teeth”

  1. joanne Avatar

    how do you whiten with strawberries? I’m curious.

  2. alex Avatar

    Here’s a reference article since the author has yet to post any details on this subject

  3. Christina Avatar

    What’s going on? Can’t anyone see the link to the article in my blog post??? 😛

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