My CN Tower Climb

So, I did it – and boy was it tough!

My time was 24 minutes and 24 seconds, which is about average compared to most other climbers. There were 144 flights of stairs in groups of about 12-15 (I’m not certain about the exact number) each. At first, deluded, I thought I could run up – but I learned within the first flight that would not be possible. For some reason, I had thought the steps would be those half-sized steps, so climbing them would be close enough to walking that it wouldn’t make much of a difference. But no, they were regular, full-sized steps and it was hard.

For the first 30 flights, I was in copious amounts of pain. My breathing came hard and it was just very ugly. At about this point, however, I was “warmed up” and the usual work-out euphoria helped me glide up the next batch up to about flight 70. At this point it became difficult again, but I only had to rest a couple of times until I reached 100, at which point I had to stop every 10 flights or so to catch my breath, and ease the pain throughout my legs.

When I got near to the top I heard people calling out “You’re almost there! Keep going, just a few more!” and a huge grin broke out on my face – I’d done it! Woohoo!!

I wandered around the top of the CN tower as I waited for my friend, who climbed around the same time as me, and came across a girl who couldn’t hold her cookies. Luckily, I stepped out of the way of her splash radius as she puked and her friend rushed to help her! Thankfully, I wasn’t that affected by the climb!

And, the day afterwards, I felt very good – no pain or anything.

Thanks to those who donated to my climb, I received a free movie ticket. My final donation level was $155.






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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Well done.
    Now what to do for an encore – climb up then parachute down?

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