I recently joined up with The Pillow Fight League. I had my tryout, and made it to the next level, where I would have to fight as a “Pledge” (I’m in the list at the bottom of this page, under Pledges) to the league.

That fight happened tonight, at the Gladstone. I fought against Pledge Jenna, and won (very narrowly, I must say – she was an awesome contender)! It was crazy – we fought two rounds of two minutes each; the more experienced fighters all did three rounds of two minutes each – at LEAST. If they won their round, they went on to fight another later on in the evening. I’m both scared and excited by this! I’ll have to get more fit – but that’s great, I love fitness goals.

So, it’s been a crazy week physically! Time to drive this on forward into summer, so I can go to the beach sans embarrassment 😉

Tata for now!

My PFL Certificate
The certificate I got after fighting my Pledge fight.






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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Sounds like brain scrambling stuff. Is this done in a pub over drinks?
    Whatever happened to pool and darts!

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