Odds and ends

Pension realization
Last year, while back in the UK, it finally hit home that I really am a pensioner now. I got my usual prescription from the Dr, and took it to the local pharmacy as always. When I went back to collect it and offered to pay I got a very polite “Oh no Mr Habberjam. You’re over 60 now and you don’t have to pay for prescriptions”.
I was going to argue with her, but . . . I didn’t –
after all. I am a Yorkshireman!

In a similar vein
Riding the subway in Taiwan is a very pleasant experience (and cheap too – 65p/$1.30 to get right across town). Even when it is crowded people are very polite, with no pushing and shoving, and very disciplined queuing. On board there are 2 pair of seats by each door that are designated as courtesy seats for the sick, infirm, elderly, people with small children and the pregnant, and very often, even if the train is full of standing passengers, these seats are left empty. Certainly when any of the designated “types” get on the occupant of such a seat, when not so categorized, will get up and offer the seat.
Imagine my surprise when someone offered me a seat like that?
Now I even use those seats occasionally; but only when there is no-one else older etc around and only if there are no other seats available.
I don’t care what they say, I don’t feel that old (except maybe after a night out!)

Protecting the Island
I don’t know why these things are piled all along parts of the coast. Maybe it is the Island’s defence in case the Chinese invade?

They would have no chance of landing here eh?

HSE alive and well in Tw
Recently I took the following picture in the conference room where I work. It was in the process of being renovated.

No Health and Safety Nazi’s around here.
It reminds me of the days when I used to wrap the wire round a match and use something to push into the earth pin socket to open the covers, and then use the covers to trap the matches in the socket.
Now I would probably go to prison for trying to burn down the building, or endangering the whole population’s lives, or some such thing.
Aah the good old days.






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