Peppy Habberjam, August 1991 – June 27, 2008

Today I had to lay Peppy down in her final resting place. It had been a rough week for her, and when she wasn’t getting better, I took her to the vet. Both kidneys were riddled with stones, and the worse was inflamed. The poor girl – she was nearly 17, so it was time to let her go.

I loved her dearly, and so did all my girl friends. The less gentle sex, of course, typically didn’t get along so well with her, but tolerance was always developed, leading eventually to acceptance and even, in some cases, affection between the two parties.

Seventeen years is a long time to recap, so I’ll just be brief. From my 10th birthday, when my parents took me to the Humane Society, up to today, Peppy has been the most wonderful, sweet companion to me. She was there through every significant milestone in my life so far, always ready to comfort me when in tears about something, and scold me when I was a bit late feeding her.

I told her to go and look for my Grandma, my Auntie Irene and my Auntie Phyl, all of whom have passed on in recent years. I also told her to look out for a couple she never knew, but who loved me dearly when I was a young tot and I’m sure must know her now: Nan and Gramp.

It’s been really, really tough saying goodbye to my dear sweet girl. At least now, I have one more guardian angel.

Here’s to you, baby.






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