Reflections on Airlines in NA and Asia

Dave got worried I had not written about my North American trip and decided to do something for me, bless him!!! This is my version!

At the end of April I finally got to use my first class ticket to NA that I had claimed,with points, almost a year previously when I thought I needed to get to Canada quickly. Needless to say when I tried to redeem the ticket I was only offered Business class which is all Air Canada provides these days. apparently it is a combination of first and business, the seats are wonderful, individual, and allow you to fully recline hence I was able to sleep for a good 6 of the 15 or so hrs. flight from Hong Kong to Vancouver. However that was the best part. I appear to have become spoilt, while living in Asia, and traveling mostly with Thai Airways, their flight attendants are always young looking and very attentive, helpful and polite. On air Canada the opposite appeared! My explanation for this, in part, when two airlines merged years ago the longest serving staff were kept on from both and women no longer need to retire when they marry or have babies. Thus we end up with the situation were the flight attendants in business class on the long haul flights are just plain old and grumpy and don’t cope well with the odd hours any better than I do. Hence the service is terrible, I would not want to do their job at my age and it is obvious most of them don’t want to do it either but they love the benefits. Free air travel, visits to exotic locations and long layovers, all this at the expense of the passengers comfort. My advice to the aging flight attendants working for western airlines is retire, you know it isn’t‘ for you when you find it hard to smile at grumpy passengers who keep calling for more water etc. You should try a trip on an Asian airline and take note of the service which, on Thai at least, is second to none. I wasn’t the only person who felt like this I spoke to a male traveller about it and he agreed with the age thing, next thing you know they will be coming down the isle with a walking frame!!!!!

Here’s a collection of pictures from my trip to North America in April and May of 2008. These are what were 1/2 decent pictures from my camera (thankfully some turned out OK) and show my very best friends and family (I consider all of these both) from that trip.

Thanks to Sue and Brian for letting us you as a base for such a busy agenda.


Thanks to everyone for such a fabulous time.
. . . and finally to “meine hoste(ess)” for the majority of the 3 weeks in Canada – thanks Joanne, for putting up with me . . .
PS: Sorry if I missed anyone – it’s just what worked from my Camera , but I will keep you all in my memory for sure.






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