No more PFL

Well, my foray into pillow fighting was short-lived. After my second fight, I realised I’m a lover, not a fighter. I think, also, I just really enjoy trying things out the first time. Which is all good… one more certificate to post on my wall.

In other news, I bought myself a bike this summer. I did this to save money on TTC tickets, which I was using far too much considering the beautiful weather.

Since obtaining my lovely used mountain bike, I’ve become incredibly fit. It’s sort of amazing – I’m able to go bike riding for at least 20 minutes every day, and then still have enough energy to go to the gym and do my full weight lifting routine. My diet has also become far more healthy than it ever was – no more pizza on a weekly basis either!

Riding my bike down the street is so much fun… I’m very good at being alert and making sure not to get hit. (*knocks on wood*) I find biking on the road gives me a freedom I’ve missed since selling my car all those years ago when I first moved downtown… I can go as fast as I want, I have the wind on my face, it’s just… refreshing.

And it’s given me another perspective of the road. I’ve now been a pedestrian, a rollerbladeian (!), a biker and a driver. And of course, having had the experience from all sides, I’m now a much better, more attentive and more courteous driver – because I know what it’s like.

For anyone living downtown and looking to save a few bucks, I highly recommend getting a bike. Forget cars! I have a vision of the future in which cars not longer exist on the streets… I’m a convert.






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