Seattle area visit.

My first stop on my North American odyssey was in Seattle, or to be more precise, a little place across Peugot sound from Seattle. My Aunt and Uncle have lived there since early in the 1990’s when they retired and moved from Chicargo. They have a wonderful view of Seattle across the water and sometimes you can see mount Rainier from their bedroom window. The last time I had seen them was for their 50th wedding anniversary celebrations when Mum and Christina came also. That was in 2003 so it was time I visited them again. We had a great time reminising and visitng my two cousins who live in the area.
My cousin and my aunt, taken in the back yard of a fabulous log home he shares with his wife.

The side of the log home.

A view of Mount Rainier from the log house front


This is a bit dark taken inside the house Lto R
Joseph, Abigail, Andrew, Charlotte
Bernadette and Hannah






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