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Saturday night Dave and I decided we would do something different as Dave was flying to Sweden the next day we wanted a quiet night. Looking in the English language paper I saw that “Jack”, one of the dancers from the dance production Dave and I were in last year, was performing in a modern dance presentation at the same theater we had played in. We took ourselves off to that event and thoroughly enjoyed the 4 separate dances, jack’s being one of them. After it was over we went backstage to see him and he was really pleased. he was representing his dance company, he had just got back from a 5 month trip to France (sponsored by the Taiwan Government so he could experience other dance cultures, he won the trip). We will probably get together with him again. His American girlfriend is still here she went to France too. The dances were all modern and when i was young I hated modern dance but now i see it as another form artistic expression and i actually “get” it more than I do modern painting or music. funny how tastes change.

It is still hot in the low 90’s most of the time, today it has been cloudy and rain is forecast but we didn’t get the latest Typhoon, that affected northern Vietnam quite badly.

Anyone watch the Olympics? I saw some of the opening ceremony and have been wondering what others thought of the goose stepping solders who took the Olympic flag from the older athletes, who carried it around the stadium, and then hoisted it up the flag pole? I have been trying to talk about my feelings on different forums but my comments have not been accepted. I wonder why?!!!! It does make me wonder about the 1936 (34) Olympics. I keep hearing snippets of news from the BBC world news or the local paper here. All i know is a lot of ordinary people have had to give up a lot so China can host these games.

My other problem is Burma (Myanmar), they are still suffering terribly after the Typhoon that hit 3 months ago now. Still a lot of devastation and many people without proper food supplies.
I just read Secret Histories Finding George Orwell in a Burmese Teashop, by Emma Larkin ISBN 0 7195 5695 3. I highly recommend it as it is easy to read and is very informative about Burma today (before the typhoon)






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