Typhoon Jangmi (Rose)

Here we go again yet another “Super weather system” is working its way across Taiwan. It has hit us in the middle of the country bringing wind and rain to Taipei. All night the wind raged sounding exactly like a sound track for a Bronte novel. now 6p.m. and still it is raging, the rain is torrential and we have had the odd flash of thunder. The lights have flickered a few times but so far no power cut. We managed to get to church at noon, their seemed to be a lull in the storm then, not many people made it. We have spent the rest of the day indoors Dave doing work and reading, me blogging and trying to do my Mandarin homework.
I signed on again for Chinese classes when they began in September. I thought it would be good exercise for the brain, that may be but Oh boy this learning thing sure gets harder with age. Being dyslexic doesn’t help of course (how many multilingual dyslexics do you know?) but it is a work out for my brain in spite of all that and the pace that Gloria, our teacher, takes is to my liking.
An aside here, all the Chinese people take a western name when they are very young and they do it on how a name sounds to them and if they like it. Thus you come across all sorts of strange old fashioned names which give a completely different view of the name because of who is using it. We recently met a baby called Doris (the parents had named her).
Back to the Typhoon, Dave is due to fly to S. Korea again tomorrow, the last time he went we had a Typhoon, we shall have to wait and see how this works out, he may go later or on Tuesday.






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