The Reception

Mum, me and Mum’s sister Bernadette 2003

We were driven back to Knott End and the Golf Club, taking the flowers with us as we wanted everyone to see them and also to take photos to send to US.
The golf Club is a lovely venue, we had part of the large lounge upstairs overlooking the river Wyer and Fleetwood.
Mum had first arrived, in 1945/6, on a train and alighted at Fleetwood docks where she was told a ferry would take her to Knott End. On this day we watched the present Knott End Ferry (strange ball like affair that is propelled by a sort of suction action which is supposed to mean it can operate even when the tide is very low!!)
bounce back and forth across the river mouth. It was a lovely view and a very clear sunny day.
Some of Mum’s friends had come and they enjoyed looking through the photograph album I had prepared of her life. I tried to chat to most people, everyone had good memories of mum and I like to think that the reception was as she would have wanted.
Mum had left instructions as to how the funeral and cremation should go, also that she wanted a good “party afterwards”. We chose the Golf Club because it was in the village and easier to get to than a restaurant mum had asked for.

Throughout the day everyone had been very kind and especially my friend Helen, who was at my side whenever she saw I needed help. Helen and i have been friends since we were 11/12 so we knew each others family and after Helen’s own Mum died, she had helped my mum with hospital appointments and really enjoyed her company. They were close as they both had breast cancer around the same time.

I would like to thank everyone for your kind words, thoughts, prayers, cards and support at this very sad time. It was a shock to realize that mum was going to die and now it feels like an empty void in my life, I miss her and wish I had done things and said things………… I love you mum, thanks for my life.






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