Goodbye No 79

June 15 was a very sad day for us, marked as the day we finally moved out of 79 Clares Green Road.
Actually, the saddest day was a few days before that, as all of our “stuff” was out of there by the 12th.
In the last few weeks there, despite the passing of Vera, we managed to have a gathering to celebrate the final stages. Family and friends joined us for that and we had a great “long weekend” of eating, drinking and being sill as usual. Our thanks to all who came and helped make our last fling there another great memory of No 79.
Although we had owned the place for almost 7 years we only really lived there for 2, as we were in Asia most of the other 5. That doesn’t detract from the charm of the place, and really only made us that much sadder to have never used the place to its fullest potential. Certainly each time we came home from our Expat life we always felt sad about not getting the place into more of what we wanted it to be, and even sadder about leaving again when it was time to do so.
Ah well; all good things come to an end, as they say!
Just time for one last drink by the fire in our lovely back yard.

Here are a few shots of the old place – souvenirs.
This is the back yard, taken from the upstairs bathroom window. You can (just about) see the early mist over the field out the back. This was a primary motivation for buying the house – the “country” at the rear.

Here’s another shot of the back yard – fabulous!

and this is the Wisteria, flowering for the first time. The last 2 houses we have bought we planted a Wisteria when we moved in, then moved shortly after it first started flowering (maybe there’s a lesson to learn there?).

Here’s a few before and after pictures:

The living room

The dining room

our bedroom

and what we considered mum’s (Vera’s) bedroom, as we left it.






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