Our Trip 2012 (1) travel and arrival in Bangkok

Our friends, John and Joelle, drove us to Ottawa airport bright and early Monday morning the 30th January where we checked our 3 bags (more on this later) to be picked up later in Bangkok. We first flew with Air Canada to Toronto and then boarded another Air Canada flight to Beijing. The fourteen hours it took to get there flew (!!!!) by in a haze of wine, bad movies, good food and sleep. We had a couple of hours wait in Beijing Airport, this is new since we where last here in 2007 and must have been opened for the Olympics in 2008. It is very modern but at 4:30pm on the 31st January it was almost completely deserted. We flew to Suvarnabhumi Airport with Air China and slept for most of the 5 hr journey. Passing through immigration at midnight on 31st January all was well until we came to collect our 3 bags. Only one of them turned up (fortunately it was mine), after reporting the missing items we arrived at our hotel at 2am on 1st Feb. We fell into bed and slept!

The next day was spent in a blur of jet lag reacquainting ourselves with an area of Bangkok we were very familiar with, but which has changed a lot since we were last here in 2010,  as well as trying to get Dave some clothes. Our wayward bags finally arrived at 11pm on Wed 1st February. We imagine the bags were left on a trolley somewhere in Beijing airport!!







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