Our Trip 2012 (4) ‘Tip

Tricia and Tip

“Tip, our housekeeper while we lived in Bangkok, came to visit us Saturday morning. We have stayed in touch, helped by the fact that “Tip speaks and writes English, not perfectly but good enough for us to understand each other. “Tip and I also share the same year of birth, although I am 9 months older than she. We had a good chatter and shared photos. ‘Tip’s daughter and son in law where badly affected by the recent flooding in Thailand. They live and work in a garage near Don Maung Airport, the water came almost to the top of the walls and of course all the garage equipment was ruined, not to mention their household stuff. they did manage to save the computer by putting it on the roof! They have two school age children and so mum and kids moved to Surin where Dad’s family lives, until the flooding receded. Apparently it happened very quickly. Now they have all moved back and the Government gave them 5,000bht to help rebuild!!!!. They are still very worried about more floods this year so haven’t replaced all their stuff in case it happens again. Son in law says if it does he is moving his family to Surin. Apparently, our friends say, the rainy season which usually last from May to Nov. has never really ended this last year so the river is still very high and flooding persists in some areas and then if it starts to rain heavily again, the big floods will just return. Thus our world weather is changing by disastrous means.

We all went for lunch in one of the close shopping malls and then Tip went home and we had a nap before we went for dinner with Barb and George to one of our favourite Italion restaurants, l’Opera (apparently the first one in Bankgok), it has had a facelift but the pizzas are just as good as always. Later we repaired to the Londoner Brew Pub on Sukhumvit, lots of people where watching various British football matches and waiting for the Rugby to happen at midnight. A very good evening.






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