Our Trip 2012 (5)

Sunday 5th Feb. saw us in the swimming pool, it was very cool to get into, usually it is warm at this time of year but due to the rain and cloudy skies it has really cooled off. After a light breakfast  we  went to church, holy Redeemer on Ruamrudi. It was our local church when we lived here and some of the same priest are still there, including Father Cotant who must be nearing 100. He is from the US but has lived out here most of his life now. The priest who run the church are of the Redemptorist order. www.holyredeemerbangkok.net

Dave Andre, Tricia and Claudia at the Eruwan Hotel

We then went to the Eruwan hotel where we met Andre and Claudia for Sunday brunch. It was fabulous. Their were Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Western dishes available, the fresh fish was perfect and the lamb chops the best I have tried in a long time. We spent a pleasant 3 hrs chatting and eating. Needless to say, Dave and I had a quiet evening in.






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