Our trip 2012 (6)

Monday we did laundry and caught up on Internet stuff etc. Then we ventured out to taste some wonderful Belgian chocolate. Their is a chocolate shop near the hotel, on Sukhumvit, which has  good hot chocolate thus we usually get a cup, even in this hot weather it is still delicious and happily it is still there, the shop that is. Then we went shopping, just to Central department store, but I was suffering from “not shopping yet in Thailand” syndrome. We mostly just looked but I did buy a pair of shoes, possibly for tomorrow. Early to bed as Tuesday 7th Feb. is the Melbourne Cup Retrospective.

“Tip telephoned me at 11:30pm from the hospital, she had fallen on the street and banged her head so they were keeping her in for observation. Bit worried, why did she fall in the first place?

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