Our Trip 2012 ( 10)

Back in Bangkok after our beach trip, we decided to visit the museum again, this time to actually look at some of the exhibits. Although I have spent a lot of time there over the years Dave was always working thus he never really had a good look around. We went around part of the south block before going to lunch, in an open air restaurant on the museum grounds, where we met some of the library staff.  As we were about to pay for lunch I realised I didn’t have my wallet and was leaving to go and check my other bag, left at the entrance lockers, when a member of the museum security staff asked me where I came from and when I said Canada he indicated I should follow him! Turned out I had left/dropped my wallet (Seems to be a recurring story with me and wallets) at the entrance and the staff had been searching for me for about 1 hour. I got it back from the museum director and of course was very grateful, I tried to give her some money but she refused and only said I was to come back to the museum and she wanted to make it very clear the museum was a very safe place where tourists are not ripped off. I was very impressed. Needless to say Dave was a little perturbed at my tardiness!!! However we continued with a  tour of the Palace itself until we were tired out with the heat, none of the museum is really air conditioned.

The Canadian Club crowd on the Valentines dinner cruise

 On 18th February we went on a dinner cruise with a bunch of friends and others from the Canadian Club. We enjoyed delicious Thai food while cruising on an old rice barge up and down the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok.

After the cruise was over, about 10:30pm, Dave and I went off to finally find the bar Billy had gone to, you remember he used to manage the great bar off Sukhumvit, “The Boars Head”? We found the Barbicon and that is where we heard the story I told in no 8  of how  the “Bulls Head” came undone.






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