Our Trip 2012 (12) Rhian and Oscar

The women at our table, Rhian is taking the pic., including Dawn Lynn, Myself, Anna and Claudia

On one of our trips to try and find Billy’s bar we ended up in  Molly Malone’s bar on Convent St. in the Silom area of Bangkok. While we were refreshing ourselves with a cool beer we chatted with some  Brits. They were Rhian and  Lance who, together with Rhian’s mum,  were in Bangkok for a few  weeks to celebrate Rhian and her twin brother’s 50th birthday. Rhian’s brother has lived in Bangkok for 10 odd years with his New Zealand(?) wife.

Another night we were in the Robin Hood bar on Sukhumvit (did we spend a lot of time in Bangkok in pubs?) when who should walk in but Rhian and Lance. We got chatting and Dave asked if Rhian would like to accompany me to the Oscars Breakfast event. The American Women’s club in Bangkok usually organises a Breakfast  for the Oscars, it starts at about 7am, in Bangkok, on Monday morning (it is Sunday evening in Hollywood).

This year the dress was early morning casual (?) and the usual breakfast food was available from 7 am to noon, we of course brought our own booze. There were  10 of us at our table all enjoying breakfast fare and champagne while watching the Oscar event screened live in the ballroom we were occupiying.  After the screening was over ( I had seen The descendants and The Iron Lady) a few of us ladeis were left still enjoying the wine and the music. The room was being transformed around us but we were not asked to leave. Rhian had left to go back and do some work but Claudia was still with us and we decided to go to Tenderloins on Sukhumvit  soi 33 and someone gave us a lift in their car. At  the bar Claudia and I ordered a bottle of champagne we were sitting with some of the other ladies who had come from the Oscars. A guy who was in the bar offered to buy us all a drink, apparently we were making a lot of noise and he wanted to know what it was all about. Turned out he had climbed Everast and so had one of the ladies husbands as had she, but only up to the first base camp. Not a bad achivement none the less and an amazing coincidence that we should bump into 3 people who had all climbed some or all of Mount Evererest (more on this in my New Zealand blog).

Tricia and Rhian at the Oscars breakfast in Bangkok







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