My adventure of the day

17th March 2020, St Patrick’s Day. We were going to a restaurant tonight to listen to Irish songs and jokes, but Covid 19 has put a stop to that! After a great deal of thought and soul searching I decided to take myself off to Bayshore Shopping Mall in Ottawa. I felt like I was escaping from prison and had to be vigilant in case I was caught. I had a back up story ready just in case. (I might need it again so cannot tell you what it was). It was interesting in the mall, a few people around, mostly my age or older. Not too many stores open as The Premier, Mr. Ford, just announced that Emergency Measures will be in force in Ontario. Not sure everyone understands what this means as The Bay store has decided to close until 31st March. I did some shopping and then went home via Costco (cheap gas and more shopping). Some will say I am irresponsible, but I do not know why? I am not sick, I stayed well away from others, I frequently washed and cleaned my hands and I enjoyed the frisson of a perceived illegal action!!Watch this space for more musings on Covid 19.






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