A little madness

Driving along today, alone, I found that screaming at the top of my lungs all the swear words I could think of was not only good lung exercises but also relieved some of my stress!!

It is only a week since I had a few WI ladies come to my house for a meeting and already I am sick to death of being “socially isolated”!! Never mind that my Prime Minister assures me and all the other Canadians that our welfare is being protected.

Reading the local paper today I came across this gem “Do not go to the hospital if you are feeling unwell”.

I have decided I am a social person and this isolation business is for the birds, let me get sick and get it over with and then get on with my life either here or in the after life. This limbo like existence is not for me.

I did make it to the liquor store before they closed at new time of 6pm.

What did the chicken say to the egg as it rolled across the road? “Have a cracking time, chuck”






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