A Bit of This and That

“Travel” said Pooh, “oh what is that?” asked Eeyore. “I am not sure” said Pooh, “but I heard Christopher talking about it once when we were very young”. “I know an new word, said Piglet, “Suitcase” “Hmm it is all very well knowing new words but what does it mean” Said Pooh. “Perhaps a case to keep your suit in” suggested Tiger.

Friends just called and said Ottawa is a mad place to shop in, small minded Nazi’s seem to have taken over the stores with Rules to Follow being instigated without the use of common sense. The same thing happened when they first brought in all the security business at the airports. Employees taxed with controlling the masses, became small dictators. I expect this is something we will have top cope with from now on. Shops seem to be becoming even more useless. We will soon be doing everything via the internet. Perhaps we will be able to eat Virtually, cannot wait, i might loose weight. But will I be able to taste the chocolate?






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