Bit of a Rant

Giving advice to people about not listening/watching the news, what do i do? Go and upset myself by reading some news!

I wonder if reporters will become irrelevant? These mostly bright young things seem to take great glee in reporting the latest dire consequences of Covid 19 on the world stage. yes, I am aware it is bad I know lots of people are getting sick and some are dying. I still feel we are being fed some information but not all of it. Like how bad is it really? How many people get really sick in comparison to a bit sick? This info is kept from us.

I know they are worried about the hospitals not being able to cope (perhaps we need to rethink how our hospitals are run?) if we all get sick at once. I know the news out of China was bad as was Italy. Has anyone considered the way these people live their lives compared to us? I think Britain will be in for a bad time as they have so many people squashed together in a very small space.

I have no answers just a lot of, I guess upset, because i do not really know what to do. I wonder if our rulers feel like this?

On a lighter note I did Trump’s Jigsaw Puzzle. It is at the top of the page. Put it away now. Trying to focus on something useful of which i have a ton to finish. Maybe I will start tomorrow!

Oh yes it snowed most of the day but hasn’t really stuck, it is icing sugar snow, English.






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