As Time Goes by

Knott End Gala from the 1920’s and the 2009.

I had grand ideas for today. But they just didn’t happen, perhaps tomorrow.

Awake in the night, I chatted to ‘Tip on Messenger she is feeling mad and sad just like me. Ooytip lives in Bangkok and their Songkran (New Year’s Celebration) in April has been cancelled just like our Easter.

I wonder if those in charge realise how unsettling these cancellations are? Yes, I know we need to be carful but aren’t we going a little too far? I see CBC are reinstating our local news broadcasts, why they stopped them I do not know. We need to feel like we are being listened to. Not everything happens in Toronto which is where all the news was coming from. I mean use common sense and lets have some light relief from all this heavy stuff. It is all very well being physically safe but if our mental health is ignored problems will soon surface.

This shut down is predicted to go on indefinitely, for those of us who are mentally fragile and not able to see the glass is half full this is a devastating state of affairs. My mind understands that I am very privileged and lucky to be so safe and secure but somehow this doesn’t make me feel any better. It makes me feel worse because I know i should feel better.

On a lighter note Mexico has demanded a crack down on its boarder with the US. Mexico is afraid undiagnosed Americans will entre Mexico, right now they have very few cases while the US has thousands and does not appear to be organised in its approach to stopping the spread.

Stay sane.






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