Us and Them

Today was a better day, the sun shone and we walked around the back lot, still nothing growing but it was nice to breath in fresh air. The ice on the pond is still thick but melting around the edges.

I put some decent clothes on instead of my usual house cleaning scruff. I am not doing any house cleaning anyway. I did sort some paperwork out and then sat on the front deck in the sunshine for coffee, it is still cool but was nice with a coat on.

I see Boris Johnson has tested positive for Covid 19 as well as Prince Charles. I wonder if Justin Trudeau is out of quarantine yet?

A friend has told us they have just lost their job. Probably due to this virus.

I found a virtual church on line which I might explore.

An old friend of mine has taken to Facebook for the first time. i am thrilled with this, they live in England so it will be a good way to communicate. Otherwise we have just got a Thai take out from our local restaurant. Friday night here we come.






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