Turning a corner

At last something clicked today and I finally made a start on cleaning up the office in the basement. All be it rather late in the day.

We had a lovely fry up for breakfast, we have been told to eat well!!! Did some shopping for friends as well as us and got the papers. Getting really good at the crosswords now. Also did a lot of sorting out in the office and now have piles of pending work to get on with. This is how i work, i do a little of this and a little of that and eventually get it all done.

Started on picture framing again and got 3 finished and ready to hang, now I have to decide where.

it is strange to feel so energized after a week of ennui. Now I want to get on and do things.

Onwards and upwards, I hope, from now.






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  1. David Habberjam Avatar
    David Habberjam

    The pictures in here are proving challenging. Bringing back great memories, even if I can’t remember the exact locations of some.

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