Spring Time?

Mum in Spring

Easter will soon be here. It has rained all day today, but it also stayed above freezing so we can see green appearing everywhere underneath the brown.

Didnt’ get much done today despite my intentions, put a few pics. up. Painted a frame for the Easter cards i have had waiting to go up for years. I will only put them up at Easter time but they are cute and spring like so it feels good to see them.

I have avoided the news again today it is very easy to start on the downward path again and i want to avoid that. i can feel myself on the verge of despare. Must be vigilant.

Musicians are playing music on their own and putting it all together for our enjoyment. That makes me feel good.

i see Harry and Meghan have moved to LA. I am not surprised. a Young mother probably wants her mum near her. Anyway they are just a young couple getting on with their lives good luck to them.

I have hung a couple of prints of LS Lowry’s work one is “Level Crossing”1946 and the other is “The Funeral Party” 1953, I love that one. They always cheer me up.






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