Yesterday once more

The sun shone today which was a treat. Things are really starting to look like spring is coming. We walked around the garden and found some snowdrops growing. The ice on the pond is almost gone. Also daffs are showing there leaves.

Prince Charles is out of isolation after only 7 days, that is far too soon, should have been quarantined for 2 weeks at least.

Shopping today and on leaving the store a woman entering (keeping our distance) actually spoke to me! We exchanged “Hallo’s” very exciting! Most people do not speak nor even look at you it is as if the virus would be spread by sight. What an odd world this is becoming. It could go on for months yet.

Mr. T. in USA has changed his tune (nothing new) but still the virus spreads in US.

We are encouraged to try art as therapy even if we have no painting skills, it is the doing that is important.

I was interrupted while writing this last night so have finished it on the 1st April. I will try and write earlier in the day I think. in future.






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