Something completely different

taken this a.m. somewhere near my house

Beautiful sunny day thus we decided to go on a car journey. Dave driving, we had to go in his car as that is the only one he is allowed to drive.

It felt like a holiday, the roads were quite and all the rural houses we past had lots of cars in their driveways indicating people being home. Our adventure involved looking for a property with lots of dolls stuck to trees in swamp land, it was easy to find, on a dirt road. I thought it fascinating and the house was even better with skeletons hanging around and skulls impaled on spikes. Made my day. All thanks to a Facebook friend.

Should we be wearing face masks? Please no. It seems we are heading toward being forced to wear masks in public. I do not want to do this and will not until I am forced to and then only in public, take it off in the car. They are uncomfortable and hot when the weather warms up. i guess this issue could make me stay at home or at least keep me out of the public.

Any April fools day jokes? Seems everyone lost their sense of humour this year and April fools day has been cancelled. It only applies to the morning anyway but it is rather sad we cannot have a laugh when we need it.






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    Anne Royles

    Really enjoyed reading these x

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