In Sickness and in Health

My nephew in UK may have an appendicitis, grumbling, perhaps. He has been advised to wait and see how painful it gets! Someone else I know needs a heart operation and is waiting to see if they get a call to go to the hospital. Yet another had a pacemaker fitted,the first one went awry and had to be replaced, leading to an infection and patient feeling very sick/tired/fed up. They are now making good progress in a nursing home under strict quarantine rules.

So far I do not personally know anyone who has Covid 19. I trust it will remain that way.

Meanwhile we endure ever more Draconian measures designed to keep us all safe from this Coronavirus.

I wonder at the stupidity of the hoi polloi which is the reason for these rules. They insist on meeting in groups (this in Toronto, where the virus has a big hold) and not keeping their distance in the store. Leading to others becoming super paranoid, keeping their children locked up while they work and not letting them go anywhere even to escape the city.

Will it ever end?

A member of my extended family got married the other day a small affair just them and the family who all live together.

A beautiful sunny spring like day, winter coats washed and window screens installed. Bring on the warmth.






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  1. Ian Bell Avatar
    Ian Bell

    TRISH!! & DAVE!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!! Guess the party will be later?????
    Geri & Ian xoxo

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