Sorting it all out

Talked to my American cousin today, all is well with their family for now at least.

Saw a very funny post on Facebook with pictures of how people are responding to the perceived need to wear face/body protection while out shopping. One person had a plastic bag wound around her head, another had a pointed cardboard party hat over their mouth, another had a long pointed newspaper mask covering his face with garlic hanging off, yet another was dressed in plastic and duct tape with a cardboard animal head over his head. You get the picture, perhaps we all need a bit of a laugh and these people knew what they were doing!

The Queens speech today showed an aged Queen, still healthy looking, reassuring Brits and Commonwealth countries we will get through this. Boris Johnson has been admitted to hospital 10 days after testing positive for the virus.

Everyone seems to be home baking bread as an antidote to going mad in isolation? Or just because it is comforting? Perhaps it is the smell?






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