Our Green and Pleasant Land

Our garden in the first house we owned in Worthing UK

Oh to be in Canada now that spring has come

How i love this country, keeping my family safe

enjoying the gardening experience despite the ticks and lice!

Today was a beauty, warm and sunny, the perfect day for sorting out the garden. Who said ‘no dig’ gardening was the way to go? Getting down and dirty with hands in the soil makes me feel great. I had a go at ejecting some day lilies and iris that have taken over the front bed, they have been increasing over the last 10 years and needed a good sort out. Of course i only just started have a lot more to do.

Dave has been busy with log production from all the dead trees we have around the property. Last year we were not able to get in the garden this early and then we went away on holiday early May.

That will not happen this year!!!

I see Boris has landed in Intensive Care. It seems we could wear face masks, oh no my worst fear, I do not want to wear a mask, I hate them.

Now I am going to stop reading the news, it always makes me sad or mad and i was happy.






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