Green tea with a little lemon

mum was learning to drive, after failing 5 tests she gave up.

Another beautiful day. Spent a large part of it on the garden clean up, i am very happy with that.

Turkey is using its ancient hand cleaner, Kolonya as a hand sanitizer and it works as it has a high alcohol content.

I keep looking at the face and body covers i described in a previous blog, they make me double up with laughter.

The WHO has Myth buster facts on its website, one of them is that Drinking Alcohol will not protect you from the Corona Virus, Oh mean virus!!!

The BBC has a question on its website. Does closing schools have a large or small effect on the outbreak? Apparently it will only affect the death rate by a small amount but has a huge negative impact on the wellbeing of the children as well as their parents. Taiwan has managed to keep its schools open.

I find the BBC website has more uplifting news then the CBC one. Why? Are Canadians prone to be gloomy? I need a bit of lightness at this bad time. I shall stick with the Beeb.

Mercedes is making a breathing aid for use during the pandemic.

I have decorated the house for Easter never mind that no one is coming, we will enjoy it.






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