Staying sane in a mad world

The three monkeys

I believe I am perfectly sane, it is everyone else who is suspect.

I tried to lighten the strain of shopping, in this new world, by wearing my bunny ears while waiting in line outside the liqure store, not sure how that one worked. We did decide that Ford was keeping the liquor stores open because he was worried Stills might become the norm in Ontario if he shut them.

After 2 beautiful days we ended up with chilly day which was host to snow showers, typical after I cleaned my winter boots! No gardening today.

Caught up with my email in box which had a lot of Myanmar news letters I hadn’t’ read. One article gave the history of the Wa, a people who now populate Wa State in Myanmar. They were at one time head hunters and have fascinated me since i first read about them in school.

When will people start to realize Taiwan is a country in its own right, it is time the WHO started to acknowledge this fact.

I woke up the other night on the verge of panic because Dave was touching my face and i thought it was an “outsider”. Oh boy what sorts of books will come out of this period?

The BBC website shows signs that Europe might be surviving, the CBC has nothing but doom and gloom so i am not looking at Canadian news because it is not conducive to my to my well being. As a result of me making that decision, I am feeling much better.






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