Where you there…..?

Today is Good Friday, it was freezing cold with a wind and some rain. I walked around the property remembering what it was like to walk through Kemptville with fellow Christian’s and the Cross in commemoration of Christ’s journey over 2000 years ago.

We were also lucky to be able to watch, on Facebook, the 3pm service. Holy Cross Parish had filmed this service for our benefit, Father Shim and 3 others took part; the Organist, a young man with a wonderful voice who sang unaccompanied some appropriate hymns, the Reader and the Videographer. it helped to make this day special.

Below is a link to a BBC page which gives interesting insights as to why certain plants are associated with Easter.


What a strange period we are living through, the BBC has a travel item talking about the importance of balconies in our lives, CBC seems to have lost interest in travel, no one has any imagination left, they are all too busy reporting doom and gloom!!!

I started to check the news again didn’t I, not a good idea. I prefer to live in my little world here. I try not to think of the future and am focusing on Easter Sunday at present.






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