Tiny Amounts…


Oops. I forgot to write my blog yesterday (Sat) so i will write it today.

We wait for the Glory of Easter Day. I fear this year will not be as wonderful as Easter usually is. Partly because I have not really been engaged for most of this Lent. The churches closed halfway through and i do not have enough self discipline to follow what was needed without the help of the church community.

Watching the services on the TV, via internet, from Passion Sunday to Good Friday has been helpful but not being able to use my senses of smell, touch and taste, has weakend my response to this most holy of weeks. How long, i wonder, will we be able to sustain our faith in these challenging times.

I suspect the above feelings apply to a lot of the enjoyments (?) we previously took part in but can no longer.

It would seem that a lot of Americans who are dying from Covid 19 are poor and marginalized, they have had no support throughout their lives; no work, no money no health care, no proper education and now they are paying the price. They cannot self isolate with nowhere to live, they have no soap or washing facilities, no good food no place to sleep well. How can a society which claims to be modern and civilised have such things happening? I do not claim Canada is perfect but we do have universal health care, a system of welfare and unemployment insurance, yes we do have street people but hospitals will care for them. I do live in a Glass house so sorry, but it is a lot of American Citizens who are affected.

Boris (Doris) is getting better, do we say hooray?

The latest fashion statement appears to be hats with long clear visors attached to the front, i could actually go for them rather than wearing masks, at least it would look like I was doing something even if they are actually useless!!!






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