sailing around my couch

please do not rain.

Not a very productive day!!! Lots of rain so no gardening. Caught up with some emails, read a little, started a puzzle.

Apparently wild fires are threatening the abandoned Nuclear site at Chernobyl. A fact I didn’t’ know is Chernobyl continued to produce electricity until the year 2000!!!

Mr Trump is to give an address about the Coronavirus.

Boris Johnson is recovering at Chequers from his recent hospitalisation for Covid 19. Perhaps reflecting on his hero Pericles who died in a Plague outbreak in Athens 430BC.

If you are looking for some light entertain ment here is a link to a lost world just revealed off the coast of Wales.

Tim Brooke-Taylor OBE died yesterday aged 79 from Covid 19. He was best known for staring in the Goodies.

Apparently Neanderthals may not have been mentally inferior to modern humans. They have found a tiny piece of string in a cave in France made by these people who died out 40,000 years ago.

Tomorrow is another day.






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