All Dressed up with Nowhere to go


No drinking last night so woke up raring to go. Cleaning the bathroom was top of the list, very exciting! Did get into the garden for a little more clean up and mulch laying. The day was sunny, windy and cool.

Dipping into my home library, I have come across books on Ancient Greece, the First World War, Thailand’s history and the Vietnam war. Some of these I have read others i have not. I must focus and decide on a subject and read all my books on that subject.

I see JK Rowling bought her childhood home back in 2011, it has only just become news now. This is an example of how the news has changed in these strange days,

We should be sorting through our elderly electronics and putting them in neat piles so when this is all over we can take them to appropriate recycling places. Hopefully they will have got the message that mining precious metals from old devices is more productive and better for the environment than mining the raw ore.

The wild fire raging near Chornobyl is still going strong and causing great concern. A 27 year old has been found who admits to starting this fire.

Mr Trump is determind to exert his apparent “power” over his country and has gone so far as to stop funding the WHO. Only time will tell if this is prudent!

It seems both Mr Trudeau and Mr Scheer broke protocols this weekend. The first traveling to his country retreat in Quebec, the second by travelling on a private jet with two other MP’s and his wife and 5 children. both claimed to have taken care. I could say i would have taken care if i had been allowed to travel! One rule for the wicked and one for the saints!






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