Walking my way back Home

give us a lick?

Another sunny day in Paradise, trouble is it was a bit chilly, frost overnight and never really warmed up all day with a bitter wind. i did go in the garden in the afternoon and continued with my weeding and mulching. Cannot wait until i can plant things. My daffodils are still not open.

I decided to explore the tops of my kitchen cupboards this morning, amazing what goes on up there away from everything. The wonderous designs the hidden cobwebs make is truly inspiring. The dirt and grease is a sight to be seen! Then I excavated the microwave, ours is an above the stove one with a built in extractor fan. No one told me I should unscrew the top part to access a hidden air filter!! Good job I decided to investigate the inner workings. Perhaps this is why appliances break down becuase no one knows how to clean them!!!

What is happening to all the grounded aircraft in the world? Aircraft carriers do not like to keep their planes on the ground. It isn’t healthy for them not to fly also it is expensive to store them at mainstream airports. Not to mention that their are not enough spaces for them all

These grounded aircraft have to be decommissioned, as you would a car you are not going to use for a long period of time, this is headache and means it will take time to get them back up and running if and when this present situation ceases.

A 99 year old British Army veteran has raised 9 million British Pounds for the national Health Service by walking a 100 laps of a 25 meter loop in his back garden with the aid of a walker. He was hoping to complete the laps before he is 100 on 30th April. His family is amazed at the amount he has raised. He wants to go on and do another 100 laps. This is the kind of story I like.






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