Skating on Thin ice

1962/3 winter in UK

Woke this am to white over everywhere and lovely sunshine! The snow has all melted but the sunshine remained. It is still cool though. Norway has cold and snow while Britain basks in a heat wave.

I see Mr Trump is determined to open up the US sooner rather than later. I just hope We manage to keep our boarder with the US secure. So many people in the states have the virus, we do not want them wandering around here when we have been staying in our homes and keeping ourselves apart from each other.

We do not need to wear masks, I cannot emphasis this enough. Save the masks for emergency workers and people who are sick. If you look at the information masks do nothing to save us from the virus but may cause us to catch it.

The 99 year old Army Veteran in UK has now raised 17 Million British Pounds, by his garden walking. His last lap (100th) was witnessed by an honour guard of army personnel while keeping 2 meters distance from each other!

In Ontario our liquor stores are considered essential services and remain open, in France chocolatiers are essential while in the US it is gun stores that are most needed. Says a lot about one’s culture?

Lots of world leaders are making false claims about the Corona Virus. China was trying to claim that it originated in the US and even that the US manufactured it! Fact; the Virus originated in Wuhan China at the end of 2019. Trump implied that a large amount of surgical masks had been stolen. Fact; no surgical masks were stolen from New York Hospitals. You get the idea?

Always we are susceptible to rumours such is the human condition since time immemorial. We must use our common sense and check the facts on trusted websites.






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