Running in Place

somewhere in Britain

Starting to reread a book about the Plague or black Death that ravaged London and the South in 1665. it was inadvertently sent to the village of Eyam in the Peak District area of England, in cloth requested by the village tailor. By August 1666 267 people had died out of a total of 344 villagers. They had quarantined them selves to keep the disease from spreading. Geraldine Brookes has written the fiction book that i am reading called “Year of Wonders”. Their are also various other books and plays about this extraordinary event, which has reverbrations for today.

Parts of the US are protesting that they want to go back to work and do not see the need for stay at home advisories, they congregated in the streets. One wonders how long it will take for the illness to take hold.

NASA has announced it will launch a Manned mission into space next month. Are they sending the Coronavirus into orbit? The rocket and spaceship were developed by SpaceX.

Does anyone remember the BBC series “The Choir” from 1995? We have the music and the singer Anthony Way was wonderful, i can find no information about him after 2015. I wonder what happened to him?






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