Running on Empty

Sunshine again today, still cool. Escaped to the garden where i am busy evicting the weeds and day lillies which have really taken over one of the beds and are proving very difficult to remove. Really enjoy getting down in the dirt, added more mulch also. Fortunately nothing much is growing, if it was warmer the weeds would have taken over by now!!!

My friends husband had his heart operation yesterday proving that the heart institute in Ottawa has not been overrun with Covid 19 cases. He is doing well.

The 99 Year old Army Veteran, Capt. Tom, has raised 23 million for the NHS now.

A very good friend of ours, Bernard, died today. We met him in UK where he was our neighbour and friend. We had some good times together and he helped us out a few times. He was a lovely man. He was in his 90’s and did not die from Covid 19. RIP.






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