Talking my Way Around

Had a Zoom chat today with girlfriends. Then I decided to call an old friend who lives in BC. We had a nice chat and a good laugh, everyone keeps well, which is a blessing.

A vaccine is being developed in Britain and will be available by Sept. even though it hasn’t undergone trials yet.

Deaths from Covid 19 doubled (I wonder why?) in the States this week they now sit at 41,000.

Our world is benefiting from the none essential travel most of us are not making. Pollution is down in China and Italy as a result of quarantine measures in those countries. Will we learn anything from this, will it make us less wasteful? If it does make a difference, it will mean less work in the tourism sector, less work in manufacturing because we will buy less of everything. What will this mean for world economies and for employment of people? What is the answer to this dilemma?

In other news a gunman has killed at least 10 people in rural Nova Scotia.

Some Canadians have started businesses during this pandemic and so far so good. Unfortunately some are faced with loosing their businesses. This is a very trying time, if you own a hairdressers, any kind of Martial Arts school, Spas and any other kind of hands on business. It is not known how long it will be before they will be able to go back to work.






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