All in a Day

Uncle Rex, Christopher and Patricia at the park in Cleveleys 1957/8

A terrible occurrence happened over the weekend in rural Nova Scotia. It is slowly being revealed that a lone gunman cut a swath of death and destruction across the province Sat. evening into Sunday.
As of tonight at least 19 adults are dead including the gunman, so far, no motive for the shootings is known. Their are 16 crime scenes, some of them involving house fires. This happening has taken over the head lines in Canada, it is such an unusual occurrence here

Some of the US public are getting irate because of the shut downs causing them to loose money and jobs. They do not seem to realise how dangerous the Coronavirus is.

Oil prices have dropped again.

Britain is still pursuing Meghan and Harry, leave them be they have moved on (or should have).

On a happier note, the book club I belong to had our first Zoom meeting, it went well and was lovely to see all of us. It was a steep learning curve for some of us, others of us had to get up to date with our computers, tablets and phones, but it was all worth it in the end. Here’s to our next meeting

When will this all end?

Managed to get in the garden and do some more weeding, the garden is really looking good now and I am looking forward to garden centres opening on 2nd May.






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