Pond Life

Mr Drake on our pond 21st April 2020

When i restarted this blog on 17th March, i had a lot of ideas. Each day these ideas dwindle, but i want to keep the blog going. i hope it won’t be boring.

Very windy, rain and sun, still quite cold for the time of year, nothing much growing although the grass is greening up in places.

Dave had to order and pick up a new sump pump switch and fit it. He called the store, who had one in stock, he went down and picked it up all very efficient. Those of you who are not on municipal sewage know we have two sump pumps, one to deal with the sewage and one to deal with spring melt. We were fortunate that the switch was only overheating, we had nt flooding and now all is fixed.

The number of dead in that mass shooting in Nova Scotia has increased to 23, it is not known if the police expect to find any more bodies. It is becoming more horrific as new facts emerge. More than five buildings were burnt some with people shot as they were trying to escape. A lot of people in Nova Scotia and Canada, as a whole are, finding this event very difficult to comprehend. It is somehow made worse by the shut downs imposed by the present Coronavirus threat world wide.

Air Canada has temporarily stopped all flights to US.

The Queen is 94 years old today, she spent the day with Prince Phillip at Windsor Castle.






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