Earth Day

yes it is 22nd April and freezing!

Today was brilliant sunshine but very cold north east wind. I gardened but the only way I could do it was by staying in the sun and using gloves. Their is a massive clean up to do on the garden which is why it is taking me so long. First time I have really had the time to spend on spring clean up and I am really enjoying being outside at this time.

The Nova Scotia shooter killed 22 people they have determind. I beleive the military is going to help the police force in their investigation, which will take awhile. The gunman was not helped by anyone.

Some US states are determined to start to open up and seem to have Trumps approval!!

This is a link to a story about the village of Eyam in Derbyshire UK. This village quarantined itself in the 1666 in order to stop the spread of the Plague.


Earth Day 2020, it is 50 years since the first one was celebrated. This one will be very strange as most of the world is shut down and thus emissions from planes and boats and cars is down dramatically, not to mention factories that are closed. How long this will continue and if it will leave a lasting legacy remains to be seen. It could be years before the world gets back to what it was before. A lot of people would prefer it never does and maybe that is a purpose of this virus hitting the world. A wake up call just as we were tipping ourselves over the brink of the abyss. We shall see if it changes our collective behaviour.






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